“Phainopepla Club” Fledged

                   Swallow   (50 species)

                   Finch          (100)

                   Vireo           (150)

                   Avocet       (200)

Phainopepla Club!       (250)


      SFVAS members are taking up the challenge to record their Los Angeles County bird sightings from July 2012 to June 2013 on eBird and travel the flyway to the Phainopepla Club!  Now it’s time to start sending in the evidence of your sightings and be acknowledged for your progress.  Here’s how:

  1. Log your sightings at www.eBird.org .
  2. Create a report by the following path:
    1. Select Explore Data tab
    2. Under Summary Tables at bottom right of page, select My Observations
    3. Create a Year Report to start on July 1, 2012
    4. Select the LA County locations of your sightings
    5. Print or download the report showing the Date and Total # of Species
  3. Bring report to Diana Keeney at the next General Membership Meeting or email to diana.keeney@sfvaudubon.org.
  4. Receive accolades and encouragement from fellow birders!