PHAINOPEPLA Photo of the Month

Black-hooded Parakeets by Louise Rishoff

October Photo of the Month

Black-Hooded Parakeets, by Louise Rishoff

Photographer Info: Taken by Louise Rishoff with a Canon Rebel EOS, with a 70-300mm lens and 1.4 teleconverter.

“I tripped on some stairs in February and broke my foot, so hiking was out for a while and all I could do was photograph what I could see from my car.

“This picture was taken in the Peter Strauss parking lot from my car window. I was actually monitoring an Acorn Woodpecker nest when I heard a major racket and in came a flock of screeching parakeets that then lined up on that board fence rail and proceeded to feed on the spring oats.”

Louise Rishoff is a retired lawyer, former Mayor of Agoura Hills, and now the District Director for State Assembly member Julia Brownley.

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